Ippu Mitsui

Website For Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui Based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical Style Include: Electronic, BreakBeat and more.

Website for Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui based in Tokyo. This site has many of Ippu's music contents. Musical Style Include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Experimental, Instrumental, House, Minimal Techno. 


Ippu Mitsui is a Japanese Independent Electronic Music Producer / Solo Artist based in Tokyo.

Musical style include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Experimental, Instrumental, Minimal Techno.

Current Location - Kodaira, Tokyo.

I hope you enjoy my music!


Latest Rlease - "After Effects Eb - Single" Released on October 18, 2017.

Listen on this website or your favorite music service.


Album "L + R" release on June 24, 2017. From Bearsuit Records (UK)


"Biorhythm (Edit)" - Free Download on SoundCloud.

And my new track "Squeeze 85" is available for Free Download on this site and my SoundCloud.

Two different Mastered versions.


New Video of "Chromium". Edit by peel.

"Resonance U" - 30 seconds Video on Vimeo

Playlist on Spotify

Playlist on Apple Music