Website for Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist "Ippu Mitsui" based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical Style Include: Electronic, Breakbeat and more.

Website for Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical style include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Experimental, etc. This site has many of his music contents. Full Streaming Music - “After Effects Eb - Single”, “Resonance U - Single”, “E Noise - EP”, “Sun and Sand - Single” and “Tiny Space EP”. Free Download Tracks - “Biorhythm (Edit)”, “Squeeze 85”, “Playground” and “Coffee Dreams (Edit)”. All songs produced by Ippu Mitsui. Other contents: Biography, Video (Music Videos), Discography, Event information, Contact information, Shop and Personal Blog (Including News).

Ippu Mitsui - Bio

Biography of Ippu Mitsui

Ippu Mitsui is an Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He is also a self taught multi-instrumentalist. He started to produce electronic music exclusively using computers and programming around 2010. He now also uses various MIDI pads, drum machines, sampling machines and other numerous electronic software and hardware tools and equipment. Ultimately, he encountered electronic music, studied by himself, gradually began to learn about that music. Even now, he seems to be wandering in a wide genre called electronic music. Ippu has been producing all his music from his home based studio since 2012.

He launched his own Independent Record Label “Pure Spark Records” on June, 2019.

Born: Tokyo, Japan on October 2, 1976.

Years active: 2012 - present.

 Music Genres: Electronic Music, Experimental Music.

Music Styles: Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Instrumental.

Influenced Music Genres: Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Alternative and many more.


Album "Tiny Space EP" (2013), Album "Hoof" (2014), Album "Talk to Myself" (2015), "Sun and Sand - Single" (2016), "E Noise - EP" (2017), 3 track Single "Resonance U" (2017). 2 track Single "After Effects Eb" (2017), Split Album title "Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra" (2016) and Album "L + R" (2017) released from Bearsuit Records (UK). EP "Shift Down" (2018) released from Submarine Broadcasting Company (UK). 2 track Single “The Laughing House (Single)” (2018) as part of “Black Bear Catapult” released from Bearsuit Records. “Black Bear Catapult” are Jimmy Finlayson and Ippu Mitsui. 5 track EP “Pure Spark” (2018), Single “Melting Pot” (2019) collaborated with Senji Niban (co-artists of Bearsuit Records).

Review of album "L + R"

Monolith Cocktail, Aural Aggravation, Yeah I Know it Sucks and more.

Additional information

*First self-released digital album called "Jicken" has been removed from his music catalog in 2015-2016.

“E Nerve - Single” has been removed from his music catalog in 2019.

Split Album titled "Ippu Mitsui / Annie & The Station Orchestra" released on Feb/27/2016 via Bearsuit Records. His four tracks: 01: Lalanona 02: Doramyu-Kick Off 03: Dodedin Odori 04: Impurities. And other four tracks produced by Annie & The Station Orchestra (UK).

“Bearsuit Records is an Independent Record Label based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.”

Bearsuit Records' Website

Bearsuit Records’ Facebook Page

“The Laughing House” by Black Bear Catapult (Jimmy Finlayson and Ippu Mitsui)

Album "L + R" released from Bearsuit Records.

Digital Album “L + R” on Bearsuit Records’ Bandcamp (Link)

“Submarine Broadcasting Company is an Independent Net Label based in England, UK”

 Website and Facebook page below.

"Shift Down - EP" on Apple Music.



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