Website for Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist "Ippu Mitsui" based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical Style Include: Electronic, Breakbeat and more.

Website for Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical style include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Experimental, etc. This site has many of his music contents. Full Streaming Music - “After Effects Eb - Single”, “Resonance U - Single”, “E Noise - EP”, “Sun and Sand - Single” and “Tiny Space EP”. Free Download Tracks - “Biorhythm (Edit)”, “Squeeze 85”, “Playground” and “Coffee Dreams (Edit)”. All songs produced by Ippu Mitsui. Other contents: Biography, Video (Music Videos), Discography, Event information, Contact information, Shop and Personal Blog (Including News).

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I launched Independent Record Label "Pure Spark Records".

Hi, I launched my own independent record label which name is “Pure Spark Records” on this month (June, 2019.). I’m working on reissue (re-release) my self-release titles so far. And I would like to work with wonderful musicians, artists in the near future. Please check out the website and other social media’s account if you are interested in my label! Thank you.

Pure Spark Records

Website: https://www.puresparkrecords.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PureSparkRecords

Pure Spark Records

Pure Spark Records

Bran New EP "Pure Spark - EP" will be released on December 12, 2018!

My brand new EP “Pure Spark - EP” is available for pre-order on my Bandcamp page now! Also a CD of this EP is available for pre-order too. Release date: December 12, 2018. Released from my name “Ippu Mitsui” this time. It will be available on all major platform (e.g, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music and more.) on 12th of December! Please check it out!

Shift Down (EP) - CD is Out now!

Updates! CD of “Shift Down” (EP) is available on Submarine Broadcasting Company’s Bandcamp now! The price of one copy is £4.00 (British Pound)! Please check out this CD! Many thanks to Submarine Broadcasting Company! Details: Shift Down on CD, in an environmentally friendly cardboard sleeve. Cover art by the Glove of Bones, disc art by Ippu Mitsui. Ships Out Within 10 days.

Link: https://submarinebroadcastingco.bandcamp.com/album/shift-down

New Single Very Soon!

I participated in called “Black Bear Catapult” with Mr. Jimmy Finlayson of “Kirameki” and we collaborated two songs for forthcoming two track single “The Laughing House” will be released from Bearsuit Records (UK) on this month! Please listen to one track called “Leopold Checks In At The Laughing House” on SoundCloud if you’re interested in our new tunes! Cover Artwork by Mr. Fruitcharge Nielsen. “Black Bear Catapult” are Ippu Mitsui and Jimmy Finlayson. Thank you!

Facebook Page of Black Bear Catapult: https://www.facebook.com/blackbearcatapult/

Buy 2 CDs Get 1 For 30% Off Discount.

It’s now available for sale price my two CDs on the Shop page. “Buy 2 CDs Get 1 CD for 30% Off.

If you buy two CDs, e.g; “Tiny Space EP (CD) and “Hoof (CD)” at once, then enter the Discount Code when you checkout. Please ask me about the Discount Code via email or comments if you would like to use the code for“Buy 2 CDs Get 1 For 30% Off Sale”! This offer’s expires end: November 30, 2018. Please read order details about physical product (CDs) on the CD store page.

And there is another Discount Code for “Get Two Singles” too. Thank you :)

Full update the "Privacy Policy" of this website (Ippu Mitsui).

I (we) updated “Privacy Policy” of this website (Ippu Mitsui - https://www.ippumitsui.com) today!

I added some details (e.g; GDPR, Service Providers, Payments and etc.) to new Privacy Policy. Please read when you use this website and I hope you’re understanding new Privacy Policy. Link: https://www.ippumitsui.com/privacy-policy I will try to generate a Japanese version of this Policy later! Please keep using and enjoy my music! Thank you. - Site owner, Management: Ippu Mitsui.



Pure Spark Records

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