Official website for Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist "Ippu Mitsui" based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical Style Include: Electronic, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass.

Website for Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical style include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Experimental, etc. This site has many of his music contents. Full Streaming Music - “After Effects Eb - Single”, “Resonance U - Single”, “E Noise - EP”, “Sun and Sand - Single” and “Tiny Space EP”. Free Download Tracks - “Biorhythm (Edit)”, “Squeeze 85”, “Playground” and “Coffee Dreams (Edit)”. All songs produced by Ippu Mitsui. Other contents: Biography, Video (Music Videos), Discography, Event information, Contact information, Shop and Personal Blog (Including News).

Full update the "Privacy Policy" of this website (Ippu Mitsui).

I (we) updated “Privacy Policy” of this website (Ippu Mitsui - https://www.ippumitsui.com) today!

I added some details (e.g; GDPR, Service Providers, Payments and etc.) to new Privacy Policy. Please read when you use this website and I hope you’re understanding new Privacy Policy. Link: https://www.ippumitsui.com/privacy-policy I will try to generate a Japanese version of this Policy later! Please keep using and enjoy my music! Thank you. - Site owner, Management: Ippu Mitsui.



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