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Website for Independent Electronic Music Producer/Solo Artist Ippu Mitsui based in Tokyo, Japan. Musical style include: Electronic, Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Experimental, etc. This site has many of his music contents. Full Streaming Music - “After Effects Eb - Single”, “Resonance U - Single”, “E Noise - EP”, “Sun and Sand - Single” and “Tiny Space EP”. Free Download Tracks - “Biorhythm (Edit)”, “Squeeze 85”, “Playground” and “Coffee Dreams (Edit)”. All songs produced by Ippu Mitsui. Other contents: Biography, Video (Music Videos), Discography, Event information, Contact information, Shop and Personal Blog (Including News).

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I have made two playlist on Apple Music.

I have made two playlist called "Summer Dreams" and "Summer Dreams II" on Apple Music on July, 2018.  Playlists contains songs of my favorite artists and my own songs. A moment of summer time. Please listen if you are subscribed Apple Music. Hope you enjoy!

Summer Dreams ★ [Track list]

1 Coexist by Mëi
2 Don’t Play Me by Dot
3 What Good Are the Stars? by Manipulant
4 Multiverse by Cesium Swimsuit
5 Violet Ray by Mono/Poly & Alyss
6 Voice of Reason, Pt. 1 by Tel Cairo
7 Voice by Elfa
8 Rotation by Ippu Mitsui
9 Let Me Go by Dot
10 Optimistic by Tel Cairo
11 Choice by Mono/Poly and Alyss
12 What Good Are the Stars? (with Beltism) [Burnt Umber Mix] by Manipulant
13 Gorgeous by Telcairo
14 What Good Are the Stars (feat. Jennifer Doll) [Alternative Vocal Mix] by Manipulant

15 Particles (feat. Richard Alfaro) by Cesium Swimsuit
16 SQ-1 by Dot
17 Drifting into Warm Sunset by Ippu Mitsui
18 Footprints by Mono/Poly and Alyss
19 Free Inside by Elfa
20 Cosmic Balance by Cesium Suwimsuit
21 Super Moon by Dot
22 Shift Down by Ippu Mitsui
23 Golden Light by Mono/Poly and Alyss

Summer Dreams II ☀ [Track list]

1 Black Ballet by Jlin
2 Alive by OneWerd
3 Fastback by Ellie Herring
4 So Far Away by Dot
5 Ra Rise by Mono/Poly
6 Out There In Here by Tel Cairo
7 MisKayani by Alyss
8 Atomic Blues (Emergency Mix) [Live] by Senji Niban
9 In The Room by ERASERFASE
10 Reflection In Your Eyes by A.Fruit
11 Squeeze 87 by Ippu Mitsui
12 Get Going by Leah Culver
13 Think Of Me (Flex Blur Remix) by Nancy Fortune and Flex Blur

14 Erotic Heat by Jlin
15 July 4th (feat. Astronautica) by Tel Cairo
16 Hazel by Dot
17 T S I E R by Alyss
18 Gray Zone by Ippu Mitsui
19 Your Inner Sun by A.Fruit
20 Golden Skies by Mono/Poly
21 Medicine by ERASERFASE
22 The Limits by Ellie Herring
23 Life Is a Rhythm by OneWerd

Thank you for all artists and Apple Music!



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